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The changing realities of nature and society in this day and age, growing increasingly complex, have placed us within a system of chaos. The resulting complexity, leading to unpredictability inthe trajectories of both natural and social pendulum movements, confines us within this system. Chaos, in this context, can be understood as a state of disorder, confusion, uncertainty, and instability that renders a system difficult to predict and manage.

The symptoms of this chaotic system manifest through various phenomena occurring today, encompassing social structures within communities, the mechanics of nature, the rapid pace of technology, the contestation of cultural discourse, political power struggles, artistic and design aesthetics, and even turmoil within the human mind and psychology. The confinement of chaos results in both the macrocosmic and microcosmic dimensions of humanity finding themselves in less than desirable states. Often, humans find themselves in a "liminal" situation, a condition situated "between" genuine reality and the artificial. The role of AI will continue to grow as a representation of the extension of culture to participate in meeting human needs. The part of creators as art and culture lighters is needed to continue contributing to evaluating new possibilities as AI develops. Although AI has created the standardization of required information, the presence of art and culture will continue to stimulate the birth of cultural innovation globally.

Re:Karya International Video Festival #2 invites participants and audiences to perceive chaos through their individual perspectives and interpretations. The choice of the audio-visual medium is rooted in its ability to serve as a vessel and tool for manifesting the language of chaos from participants. The artistic representation of chaos conveyed through visual movement and auditory elements is anticipated to accommodate the spectrum of diverse beliefs held by the creators involved. These interpretations can subsequently illustrate how we, as humans, along with our inherent humanity, can respond, reinterpret, view, reconcile, or even befriend chaos. Eventually, the goal is to no longer perceive the chaotic system merely as "chaos." Let us celebrate chaos as an integral part of the joyous process of every human being's life.

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